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Everyone’s hands are different, here are some guidelines to help pick the right size so that Glove 'fits like a glove'


Our research shows that people go for different things; slightly loose, tight fitting, or somewhere in the middle.


Unisex sizes for Quick-Mitt 



Fit Example: 

The Quick-Mitt is nice and stretchy, so If you’re between sizes (say Medium & Large for example) you can either go for a looser fitting Large or a more snug fitting medium, both will work great : )




Unisex sizes for Glove 3.0 


Our new and improved Unisex 3.0 is a snug fitting and dexterous glove, designed to help you feel as connected to your handlebars and brake levers as possible. Size up and the 3.0 is very happy to accommodate a thermal liner underneath for those extra frosty days.

Please always measure your dominant hand ( it is the biggest out of the two )


Fit example:

If you are at the top end of the dimension range for a Medium you could go for either a tight fitting Medium without a liner or a slightly looser fitting Large with a liner. 

Adult Unisex 3.0 Winter Cycling Gloves



Liners Sizes


Our liners are nice and stretchy, 

So if you are in between sizes then the smaller size will also fit fine.



A few good rules for choosing a Liner with our 3.0 Range,


If you're a: 


Extra Large pick a Large Liner 

Large pick a Large or Medium  Liner 

Medium pick a Medium Liner 

Small  or Extra Small pick a Small Liner 



Kids Sizes

Kids hands come in all shapes and sizes and those little fingers can certainly grow fast!

Here are some dimensions that will help when selecting. Please be aware, even at the same age girls and boys hand sizes vary considerably, so if in doubt please measure : )

If your hand length is around 16cm please head over and check out our XS Adult 3.0 range, they will be great. 


If it's the wrong fit, don't worry, send it back to us and we will send you a new pair for free 📦