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We didn't set out to be a glove company, we just ended up designing and making them.

Back in 2017 we were becoming increasingly aware of rising levels of aggression and conflicts between cyclists and motorists in London and so we started thinking about how this relationship could be improved.

We know that drivers and cyclists resort to aggression for many different reasons and that it’s an incredibly complex issue with no one easy solution. But we wondered whether if somehow introducing positive communication between both parties could help.

Because we believe that if we can reduce aggression on the roads, more people are likely to take up cycling. The sad truth is that “conflicts with other road users - especially motorists - are a big cause of anxiety and one of the major barriers to cycling”, as The Mayor of London’s Cycling Action Plan highlights.


And so the idea for Glove was born - with the hope that a friendly, human interaction such as a simple wave could be the answer - and a step in the right direction at least. Ever since, our aim has been to help prevent negative interactions, spread some goodwill and encourage more people to cycle and create a friendlier environment on the roads.

The wave and the smile on our gloves are basic and positive tools for social interaction, have no language barriers and are universally understood, which we think has made them so popular around the world - we’re up to 43 countries and counting!

We’ve had a huge amount of positive feedback from owners of our gloves who say that not only does the glove have a positive effect on those around them, it genuinely makes the rider themselves feel happier and less worked-up on the roads. Win win!

If you have a happy glove story you’d like to share with us, let us know on Instagram, Twitter or by sending us an email at - we’d love to hear from you!