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Positive interactions with others make us feel happier and more connected. We started Loffi to try and help increase these experiences and ultimately have more fun.

Since launching on Kickstarter in November 2018, there are now more than 2,500 happier cyclists with our gloves across 43 countries making a difference on the roads.

Loffi’s mission is simple: to make journeys happier for everyone. We want to spread some goodwill on the roads and encourage more people to cycle.

Our gloves transcend any kind of notion of ‘tribe’, they promote inclusivity, positivity and general good vibes on the roads. We have no ‘core-audience’ and we’re proud that anyone can enjoy wearing our gloves whether they are just getting into cycling or are a seasoned pro - the reviews speak for themselves.

Some positive vibe champions we’ve met on our journey so far that embody Loffi’s ethos and who love to #SpreadTheGlove:


We need you!

We’ve learnt that without the wearer, our gloves don’t actually work! Which is why we want to get as many people around the world wearing our gloves and interacting with other road users positively. In our eyes the people who wear our gloves and wave are absolute champions.

So join us in our mission, be a part of our community and help us to continue to #SpreadTheGlove by following us on Instagram and Twitter and by signing up to our newsletters. As we grow we hope to be able to offer more exclusive rides and events for our supporters so you’ll be the first to hear about anything!

If you want to chat to us about our gloves, send us any suggestions or just say hello we’d love to hear from you.

You can nominate a positive-vibe-champ, lollipop person or general happy soul and you never know, we might just send them a freebie pair to say well done for being a superstar!

Drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!





“They are surprisingly comfy in both mild and cold weather and I love that they can withstand the rain. I have had so many positive reactions to the gloves, both from fellow cyclists and car drivers even enthusiastically pointing at my hands whilst waiting at a red light and giving me the thumbs up because they like them. It puts a smile on everyone's faces” – Jasmijn Muller